12 Free Music Promotion Sites for Artists

You’re a music producer and you want your music heard.

There are many places out there that offer free music promotion. It can be hard to find them all in one place though. That’s why we have compiled a list of the best sites that offer free music promotion for artists like yourself!

We want your music heard and we know how hard it can be to get started on your own. These websites will help you get your name out there so people start listening!

Whether you’re an aspiring artist trying to get your music heard or a musician looking for distribution, this list of free music promotion sites will help you find the services and resources you need.

#1 SoundCloud

SoundCloud is the world’s largest music and audio platform, connecting creators with their fans across the globe. But it’s more than just a place to upload your favourite songs; SoundCloud also connects creators with potential collaborators and advertisers who are interested in getting involved with what they do best.

Although it’s been around for a while, it is still a very powerful tool in helping you get your music to a larger audience. 

If you connect your SoundCloud account to Repost Exchange you can repost other artist’s songs and ask them for a repost in return. Very quickly you can get a lot of plays and exposure. Both are free services so it’s a win/ win.  

#2 YouTube

Nowadays, it’s hard to stand out in the music industry. You have to compete with millions of other artists and bands that are releasing new songs daily. Youtube is a great place to promote your music. You can set up an account and upload your songs for free. Many newcomers have been discovered on Youtube like Justin Beiber, who has gone on to sell over 100 million singles worldwide! By uploading regularly and networking with other YouTubers you can quickly promote your music to a larger base of fans in no time.

One of the best ways to promote your music on YouTube is by using a performance video that has the look of “viral” videos that we see all the time. You or your band playing your song in one location and filmed as a single shot. Also, you could create a lyric video. You can use synced lyrics that fit with your song.

Many artists use Youtube in creative ways to build an audience for their music. You could start a podcast, a daily vlog, make animated shorts, etc. It really is up to you and how creative you feel. 

#3 BandCamp

Bandcamp is a well-known platform where you will be able to discover amazing new music and directly support the artists who make it. They have many tools that help musicians connect with their fans, run their businesses, and get paid.

You can use the embeddable player on your website or blog to share your tracks from your artist page. Fans can either pay what they want for your music, get it free in exchange for an email address, or you can set a fixed price for your music.

They have a lot of features like access to the fan community, real-time statistics, the ability to sell merch, and they make sure that your profile is Search Engine Optimized so that you be found. 

It is a great all-in-one solution. If you want even more functionality, they have a pro plan as well.

#4 IndieSound

IndieSound lets you upload your music and get free music promotion by sharing artists that are similar to you. The artists in turn, if they like your music, will share your music on their socials. IndieSound integrates well with Twitter and can be very powerful in leveraging multiple artist’s followers to promote your own music.

#5 Facebook

Facebook is still the largest Social Network in the world. With a little bit of creativity and consistency, you can promote your music to a large number of people.

Facebook enables you to create an artist page that you can utilize for promotion. You can put up your newest releases and update your fans with what you are doing and the latest news. You can also embed music and video as well as share your playlists. 

For free music promotion, you will have to focus on organic growth, meaning you will need to build real relationships with people and then ask for your music to be shared. Of course, they have Facebook ads that utilize arguably the best AI system for advertising, but this will cost you money. 

#6 Instagram

With over 1 Billion users, Instagram has huge potential for artists to promote themselves. So it is totally worthwhile to spend the time and energy creating and maintaining an awesome profile.

It is vital to get your profile right. Make sure your profile pic has the right look for your brand. It’s also important to get your bio right. You have 150 characters so make it enticing and sum up what your music is about. You only have room for one link so pick one that is most important at the time.

You can also use a tool like Linktree in order to bypass this rule. Have all your important links on Linktree and then use the Linktree link in your Bio. 

Use hashtags that are going to get you into the spheres of people that you think will enjoy your music. For example, if you make Deep House music, use tags like #deephouse, #deephousemusic, #deephouseproducers, #housemusic, etc. Stick with your genre and when you’re starting out using a lot of hashtags is best. Probably 10-20 hashtags per post will be good. 

Make sure you post about your releases, but also post about other things. You don’t want to come across as spammy because you will lose followers.

#7 Twitter

Facebook has over 1.5 billion users, but it’s not as good of a platform for musicians. On Facebook, your posts are only seen by friends and family unless you pay to promote them. But on Twitter, all of your tweets are seen by anyone who follows you! Plus, when someone interacts with one of your tweets or retweets it, they’ll be notified that they’ve been mentioned in a tweet from you. This can lead to more followers and interactions with other people on their page before they become your friend!

Like Instagram, it is important to get your profile right. Make sure you have a good Profile pic because no one wants to follow just an egg. You also have 160 characters to tell your story so make it exciting.

Try to keep a balance between Promoting your stuff, Sharing valuable content, and Conversing with people or interacting with their content. This will ensure that you are not seen as a spammy promoter. 

#8 Pinterest

Most people when they think of Pinterest do not think about music promotion. But there is potential in using this platform to build up an audience.

So what makes Pinterest interesting for music promotion? Here are a few reasons to utilize it for free music promotion:

  • They have an emphasis on image and video links. So you can start sharing your music videos, podcasts, vlogs about your music, etc
  • Pinterest users can pin or re-pin your content and that immediately shares with more people. Your reach can grow quickly.
  • Pinterest has quite a large demographic. This will give you a much larger pool of people in different demographics
  • Pinterest is very organized so that you won’t get buried in a constantly changing feed like Facebook and Twitter. 

The key is to use tags and to be consistent. 

#9 Label Radar

Label Radar is a promotion tool geared toward electronic musicians and producers. They have a huge pool of Independent and Major Labels as well as, a large number of music promoters. The Lite plan, which is free, will give you 5 credits per month. You can use 1 credit to promote one track.

You can choose to promote it in 2 ways

  • One to Many – this puts your track out to all the labels and promoters on their site. It is a good way to get your song out but it is not guaranteed that any of them will listen. It also can take a long time to hear if anyone listened.
  • One to One – You choose the specific label or promoter to hear your track. This guarantees a listen and you will hear back if they are interested or not. 

If you are in the electronic music genre, this is an awesome way to do free music promotion. 

#10 ReverbNation

ReverbNation is the largest online community for musicians, with over 2 million artists and bands. They help you build your career by connecting you with fans, industry professionals, and other artists.

You can connect with people who will give honest feedback on your work so that you can improve as an artist or band. The free music promotion tools are designed to help you grow your audience and sell more tickets at shows.

The free tier of ReverbNation still has a lot of value to it. It offers:

  • Artist Profile
  • Unlimited Songs
  • Selling Your Music
  • Gig Finder
  • Email and Social Marketing
  • Embeddable Player
  • Facebook App 

#11 Music Blogs

There are still quite a few Music Blogs that will accept music submissions these days. It is a great way to get some free music promotion. A great tool for helping you submit and find these blogs is by using SubmitHub. It is free to sign up and submit to blogs and labels.

Here are a few examples of blogs looking for talent to expose:

  • A&R Factory started in 2012 and quickly became a go-to source for record executives to find new talent. They take artist demo submissions and if you are lucky enough to get them to write about your song you are guaranteed some great publicity.
  • IndiePulse Music Magazine is a blog dedicated to advocating for independent music. With almost 1 million site visits per day, they have a huge readership and can leverage a lot of influence for you and your music. They also have a radio station for independent artists.
  • HighClouds was originally an internet radio station started in 2015 but has evolved into a blog that features emerging artists of all genres. If they really like your music they will feature you on their Spotify and Apple Music playlists. Currently, they are only taking submissions through SubmitHub and Groover.
  • Xune Mag regularly takes submissions from independent artists to review their music, possibly interview them and if they really like you they will feature you on their curated playlists.
  • Indie Music Shuffle was created by the creators of SubmitHub. They have a passion for finding new artists and reviewing them in their blog for music lovers to find them. They always write positive reviews so you know they will find something they like about your music. 

#12 Your Own Website

Having your own website is super important for artists. You need a place where you can promote your music and be totally in control of the content. On your own website, you have the ability to build the look and voice of your brand. On your website, you can shape the story of who you are. You can determine how the world will see you.

There are ways to start a website for free using online website builders like WIX, WordPress, or Weebly. These will give you the ability to create a website that you can customize and add content.

On the free versions of these builders, you cannot use a custom domain name but for a little bit of money, you can use a custom domain. 

Concluding Thoughts

When you are an independent artist trying to get your music heard by as many listeners as possible, it can be a challenge. There are so many different ways that artists can promote their music online nowadays and no one site is going to help you reach every single potential fan out there.

Find the best free music promotion sites in this list that suit you and your needs. 

If you are not quite at the stage of promoting your music and you want some info on music production, read our guide Music Production: 6 Stages in the Life of a Song.

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